The Atomic Explosion and Mushroom Fallout at Sunset

I think about all the sunsets I miss. I always seem to be out and about somewhere, noticing a great sunset and noticing that I am not even close to my camera and tripod. It’s just unacceptable!

This day and evening I was in Yellowstone alone. I had just seen a grizzly bear and a black bear about 30 minutes before this shot, crossing the road in front of me. They went on their way and I was left in the middle of this area with just a few elk meandering a few hundred feet from me.

The Atomic Explosion and Mushroom Fallout at Sunset

  • Great image.

  • You work is just brilliant!!
    I love the reflection in the water and the sun behind the great cloud.
    Just wonderfull 🙂
    I can’t get enough of your work ^^

    Did you add the lightning stripes out of the clouds in photoshop?

  • Thanks!

    No I did not add any sunstreaks in here… in the real photo! You can kinda tell because of the strange atmospheric cloud shadows to the left.

  • Truely extraordinary!

  • esh


  • Foxnox

    Just amazing, (and composition in harmony with the ancient rule of Golden ratio).

  • lovely. i need to run to the thesaurus for superlatives to praise your work. however, i don’t think you’d find that all that helpful. still, you have yet one more fan out here in cyberspace.

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