Grand Theft Auto 4 in LA

This is one of most famous buildings in LA for these kind of advertisements. I can’t think of a cooler one than showing those three characters from GTA4. Even though I played and beat the game, I am not quite sure I ran into that gal on the left… I think I would remember that.

Grand Theft Auto 4 in LA

  • Now THAT’s a gosh darn PHOTO!

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  • Jerry

    I’m a fan of your work! Its even greater to see your work applied to my direct surroundings. I drive through that intersection often.

  • Man, awesome shots you got here! Reealy, reealy cool! I agree with you that cathedrals are mostly scary as hell – controversy?

    What do you use to create your HDRs? Photoshop alone? Photomatix?

    Keep up with the good work, it’s really excellent stuff.

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