The Temple Roof in Delhi

I went up a narrow passageway to get up here to the roof. The stairway was clearly not meant for a tripod like mine… although I suppose I could have collapsed it before wrestling it the narrow twisting corridors. It reminded me of moving my friend’s stupid sleeper-sofa up a curved stairway in college.

The Temple Roof in Delhi

  • Amazing, check out my first attempts at HDR, thanks to your help getting me started.

  • Melly

    Ah, i love this place! Humayun’s Tomb is literally 10 minutes from my apartment so i love going there to relax and take photographs! I agree with you on the stairs thing, however being stuck there one day with a group of french tourists did lead to a very interesting conversation and praise of my awful french. It’s places like this that make being an expat in india worth the trauma.

  • rohan

    hey, just a short comment apart from the fact that the pics in this series are great.

    this is not a temple… it is a mugal tomb… Humayun’s Tomb to be exact as commented before… they are totally different as far as architecture, history & significance go…


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