After the Yellowstone Fires

The fire burned through about a third of the park about 20 years ago. There are still several areas where all the trees stand alone like charred corpses under the burning sun.

After the Yellowstone Fires

  • Hey Trey,

    Thats a pretty signature “Trey Ratcliff” look you have going on there (the sun rays). I like it! I knew it was yours in the flickr pool before even looking at the name below it. Nice work. There are a lot of people doing HDR work out there. Some are quite good and some…well….uuhhhh…nuff said

    Anyway, I find that your images continue to have a very unique look to them, something you should be quite proud of!

    Michael S.

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  • I love the use of lens flare in this photo. Using it creatively is hard to do and you’ve done it. It adds very well to the beams of light throughout the rest of the photo.

  • Matty

    I was not too sure about the lens flare. I generally don’t like it but it seems to work in this photo.

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