Waiting at KLIA

I’ve spent a massive amount of time at this airport.  I almost considered having all my mail forwarded there so that I can combine activities.  After you end up checking your email for the 6th time, you tend to get bored then walk around and take a few photos… and it happens to be a great place for that around sunset!

Waiting at KLIA

  • I love KL International. Gloriously empty. Great shot…takes me back.

  • Cool shot. Don’t you sometimes get tired of all this traveling?

  • Very nice hall and as usual, beautiful shot !

  • This is a gorgeous shot Trey. I have to agree with you about that…KL airport is a great place to shoot and this shot shows it.

  • Hehe thanks yall! 🙂

    I don’t really get tired of traveling… not yet at least… I have too many good books to read and pretty things to see!

  • I love international airports, especially as I seem to be passing through them at odd hours of the early morning or late night, which simply adds to the feeling of being in a ‘foreign’ place. One of my favorite airports, Dubai!

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