The Slaughterhouse

On the far northern plateau of Iceland, while walking through a field close to a set of imposing mountains and too close to an imposing storm, I came across this old slaughterhouse. It smelled of metallic blood as strange wind ripped around it before the rain came down.

The Slaughterhouse

  • Utterly eerie

  • Looks like the light in Iceland is awesome for captures! Nice work as always Trey 🙂

  • Hi Trey !

    I love this shot, the mountains seem to be the farm’s roof. I’ve looked at the high def version inyou Flickr account. Just stunning !

  • Hey thanks! I am glad you guys like it! 🙂

  • Richard

    Is there a reason that a digital photographer’s work is referred to as ‘captures’ rather than photographs. Calling them captures makes it seem like a mechanical occurrence, rather than an artistic moment, i.e., the camera release mechanism was energized and the sensor captured the photons emerging from the real element of the lens. Seems to be a less than complimentary comment.

  • Well Richard, as far as HDR work, I kinda feel that the real magic is first in identifying what makes a great image, then capturing it, and then getting to work on it in the digital darkroom. It is absolutely artistic and I think I have expressed this several times. Believe me, my complements are always sincere and not “less that complimentary” as you put it.

  • hehe – yes everyone has their own take on it… people that don’t like this kind of processing may never come around – that is okay… some people will never like spicy food… personal taste I think.

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