The Luster of Downtown Hong Kong

Hong Kong has some of the coolest architecture in the world. Even though I have been over there a few times, I am always amazed how China is leading the way for cutting edge architecture in skyscrapers.

The Luster of Downtown Hong Kong

  • E.I.

    I hope you will be at the Beijing Olympics — looks like they got some very interesting structure there. It would be great if you could capture those beautiful buildings.

  • Dani Lam

    Excuse me? China?
    all the credits of the economic success of hongkong in goes to the British and the locals, if HongKong was not colonised by the British, I doubt it would be an international city now and I doubt all these skyscrapers that you’re seeing would be there. Don’t forget that HongKong is still running a complete different system to Mainland China

    Thought from someone who was born in BritishHongKong or in the modern format- Hong Kong(United Kingdom)
    but great photos you got there !!!

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