I’ve been lucky!

I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to shoot with some of the best photographers in the world! And these are not just the few people that are on the cutting edge of HDR… just generally good photographers and good thinkers. There are several people out there still on my list to hit! Some of you may know who you are… the others may not!

After just getting to shoot with Kris Kros in LA, I thought I would show off a few of my favorite shots from these amazing artists…

First, in no particular order, we have the great Asmundur from Iceland:

Sunset at the blue lagoon ... (by asmundur)

A shed ... (by asmundur)

And here is Valpopando in Naples, Italy:

Valpoclassic ! (by Saint valpopando ; ))

Beautiful composition (by Saint valpopando ; ))

Here is Rebekka in Iceland:

letting go (by _rebekka)

Untitled (by _rebekka)

Here is Kris Kros from LA:

fight to the finish (by Kris Kros)

blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (by Kris Kros)

And last, here is Helga, yet another from Iceland!

gulping up the seas (by hkvam)

killing time (by hkvam)

  • Let me know the next time you’re in Colorado… I’ll be in Beijing the month of August as well…

  • will do mate! 🙂

  • amazing! being around them must be a great source for ideas and inspiration… me want!

  • Great collection of photos.
    Some nice artists on flickr.

  • The dirt bikers pic was processed in an amazing way. Which brings up an interesting question: Often, there is no practical way to bracket shots in order to produce an HDR picture. Sometimes, you only have one shot to work with because there are too many people or too much action or you forgot your tripod or whatever. So how does one create a “fake” HDR from one shot? Simply saturating the color isn’t enough, nor is running it through a filter like Photolift (which I love, especially for bringing out textures). I’m betting you’ve HDRed a single picture on more than one occasion. Do you mind giving us some tips on how to do it?

  • Linda, you can do an HDR from just one RAW — very easily. Did you see that part in my HDR tutorial? There is a link to the tutorial there on the right.

  • Great post Trey, you have had a chance to associate with many great photographers. I wonder why there are such good photographers/post processors in a country with a tiny population like Iceland? Singapore (for example) has a large population and a ZILLION good cameras in the hands of the population (cheaply), yet I know of only a handful of really good “hobby” photographers from there (but they ARE VERY GOOD!). I used to live there myself too.
    Maybe the cold air gives people better eyes 😉
    Keep up the good work!

  • Brill!!!

  • Jan

    hey man, if you ever come to brazil – rio de janeiro, let me know.
    I’d be glad to have a cup o’ coffee with you.

  • Actually, I have read your tutorial several times but my camera does not shoot RAW and I neglected to put that in my previous email. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a new camera these days, or I would definitely upgrade. I was thinking there may be a way to HDR a single JPG, but probably there is not. I have tried tricking Photomatix by saving three different versions of one picture (one dark, one light, one normal) and this does produce a better balanced photo. It’s a lot of screwing around though, so I don’t do it often. There is also a program available online called Redynamix, whch purports to produce HDR from a single JPG. I’ve used this from time to time and it does sometimes create interesting effects. Thanks for the response, though. Appreciate it!

  • If you ever come to Pennsylvania again be sure to contact me!

  • and you live in Austin and haven’t worked with me yet! 😉 haha. i’m up for fixing that if you want =P

  • If you ever visit london! Would be happy to show you around.


  • Jacques

    Fantastic collection of fab photography! Quite inspiring!

  • I’m very familiar with KrisKros and Valpopando’s superb photography, but the others (amazingly enough, all from Iceland!) are new to me. New faves to check out.

    You really are lucky to be able to get out and shoot with all of the above. And I’m sure they felt quite lucky to be able to shoot with you as well.

    Thanks for sharing-

  • Anton

    impressed by all of the great people you had the chance to work with. I’m really jealous! Love your work and approach to photography so it’s probably not bad luck that I’ve got all except the last photograph as contacts at flickr. Thanks for sharing your work and so much of your thoughts. You’r a big inspiration.

  • Mudy

    Just great work Trey. Awesome, mind blowing.

  • Thomas

    Hey there! Your shots are amazing, and ur my HDR hero! Do you have any advice on how I can convince some pro in my area to let me work with them so I can learn? Im trying to learn and work for other pros but Im not having any luck! Any advice would be awesome if you get the chance. Thanks and God bless you!

  • Hi there. Am truly inspired with your work and have started trying out HDR although I still have heaps to learn. If you’re ever in Singapore – let me know and I’ll show you around! Thanks for the inspiration…

  • More from Kris Kros, please!

  • please let me know the next time you are in Arg. at Buenos Aires. I’d really like to meet you dude.

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  • So..after discovering that my work horse Minolta X700 had a shutter problem (all my photos from Mammoth California had a nice streak) I decided to go digital and discovered your website and Photomatix and ramped up the arguement with my loving wife as to why it was going to cost 2000.00 or so to replace my previous film kit that netted 120.00 on ebay. Having won I found a great buy for a used Canon 40D with 3 lenses of mediocre value and purchased 17-40 L lense for landscape photography. Bought every book, read your tutorial, shot 3 exposures on Monterrey Bay in overcast conditions, downloaded trial Photomatix and BAM! My first HDR tonemapped image
    changed everything for me. For some reason I don’t even want to keep it a secret as to how I’m getting these images, I’m telling everyone. Thanks for the help.

  • This is some awesome photography I’m just staring my journey into HDR and all of you guys are a great inspiration to me and my work

  • amazing work!!!

  • love the work. my dad got enlightened me to the website and I check it every day! beautiful images.

  • Jose Benitez

    Your site is like a lot of great things in life, it just keeps on giving. So that being said, would you share some info on printing HDR photo’s? Also, any ideas on HDR with flash other than camera mounted? I’ve been trying and not having any luck making it work. Love your work/site/sense of humor and your awesome willingness to share the things which bring you joy. The world needs more like you.

  • If anyone’s interested, here’s my website:www.it-just-clicks.ifp3.com.
    I’ve been shooting HDR for a number of years now and have several hundred HDR images processed in Photomatix Pro & Photoshop. I’m a regular poster to HDR Spotting as well. Have a look and if I can be of any help to anyone please feel free to contact me. I can explain to you know how I produce my HDR fine art images.

  • I shot Antelope Slot Canyon along with other areas on my trip to the great SW using HDR with Photomatix and your book. Got a ways to go yet but your book has helped a lot.

  • I want to be your friend. no fair. haha 🙂

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  • Rebekka is truly a great photographer. I’ve been following her work for years. It’s amazing what the imagination can do.

  • I’ve learned so much from your tutorials and references! I recently attended one of you demos at the Apple Store in Austin. I live in Austin as well and hope you do more presentations here!

    Bill Blackmon

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