Times Square, Looking Uptown, and a new partner with B&H photo!

Here is the opposite side of Times Square, looking uptown (north). I’m putting this up in honor of a new sponsorship on the blog here from B&H Photo ! It’s the best camera store in the world, and I’ve been saying that for a long time even before they sponsored me. And if you are a photographer that regularly visits the site, you know what I am saying! Every time I go to New York I visit their cavernous Valhalla, and I come away happy. I always think I have everything I need for a while, but then I come back home and order another pile of sweet glass online from their store.

I also created a new “My HDR Camera Recommendations” that lists out all my delish toys.  Of course, everything links to B&H Photo… and if you poke around on the net on your own, you’ll also see they have the best prices and are the most reliable.

Times Square Looking Uptown

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