Cinderella at Sunset

The striated Florida clouds seemed to streak across the sky every evening we were there. It was hard for me to drink in all the great photography opportunities there… just too much for the senses! Needless to say, no one got to go on any rides during the sunset hour as I had them all goose-stepping around the park to get good locations that I had secretly been scouting the whole day!

Cinderella at Sunset

  • In all the years of photos of the castle this is the best I’ve seen. I, too, would likely have fallen into a variation of the straight-on, architectural shot until I saw this.

    What a great reminder of how important it is to do your scouting and look for that different view that lifts the image above the mundane and the expected. Even though those shots can be great also, they don’t rise to the level of this one.


  • Thanks mate! 🙂

  • I Have to agree with Bill, it is the best picture of the castle I’ve seen, the angle, the colors and the depth….GREAT

  • I can’t understand how you travel so much in such a short period of time. At least it seems that way to me. And I envy you that! I’m stuck in a cube in an office in the middle of a large city, day after day. The one bright spot is the miles-long nature trail just a five-minute walk away. I visit it daily in good weather with my camera in hand. I’ve gotten some very nice shots, too. Like the five river otters that visited this last winter. One additional comment: My photos have improved a greal deal in the last several weeks, due in large part to inspriration gotten from you!

  • Thanks! Well these pictures are not put up live… I have a backlog and upload one every day. A lot of times I AM in the location when I shoot, and you can usually see this in the text… like “Today I went up this mountain to blah blah blah”

  • DDavoust

    Where was this taken from?

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