Borobudur at High Noon

All of these SE Asian temples are oriented against the poles of the earth and the solar system so you can often get these symmetric shots, although I normally don’t do that sort of thing. This was shot from the top of Borobudur when the sun was burning down at about 100 degrees of hot waves of humid heat. Scaling my way up there through the jungle gloom was tough enough without the added burning factor!

Borobudur at High Noon

  • Man! This is just great! It almost looks, as if you’re getting into this lightspeed star wars mode. Big up to your work.

  • Great picture, personally i like the symmetrical look. I think it does a great job of keeping your focus in the center of the image. Again, just wonderful photography

  • Stunning and actually a lot of fun!

  • This shot (and all of your images)is simply fantastic. It looks like it should be a shot from an Indiana Jones movie … very cinematic. The flare streaks in the foreground give it an otherworldly feel. Realllly cool.


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