The Quiet Geyser

In the never-ending sunsets of Iceland, there is this field of geysirs that erupts unpredictably. Unlike Yellowstone, there are no ropes or paths or anything… one wrong step and you are in the center of the earth!

The Quiet Geyser

  • Great image! I love the “off the beaten path” locations you feature. I gotta make to Iceland someday. Anthony Bourdain did a cool show on it….fermented shark, Yikes!

    Michael S.

  • Hey Trey,

    Just wanted to mention if you didnt know that your site was mentioned on the May 12th edisode of Photoshop user TV. Awesome!

    Michael S.

  • Hey there – okay very cool I will check it out… I watch that show a lot!

  • Wow. Another amazing HDR. I come to this site on my lunch breaks just to zone out and check out all the amazing photos. Coming end of summer i need to splurge and buy a SLR!

  • Mike Harman

    Love the Iceland photos. I couldn’t take enough while I was there. I loved the fact that there where no ropes or caution signs. I was there in the winter, and although the days were short, the light was the most incredible I have seen anywhere! Days of nothing but sunsets and sunrises. Your photos really seem to capture the scene and bring back lots of memories.

  • From Iceland

    Really cool photos, well taken and the shots are perfect, but the words of being no slopes or ropes is wrong, there are slopes, warning signs that have information about the heat of the geysers and so on, in fact if you look really close on the pic you can see the ropes around this geyser, i am from iceland my self and do travel to this part of iceland allot, but never the less its a great photo, keep it up!

  • Svavar E

    This would be Strokkur the only active geysir in that complex, although Geysir which is about 20m from Strokkur occasionally erupts after earthquakes. Strokkur erupts quite regularly, there is no way you could have missed those warning signs on your way in and from where the photo is taken you stepped over the guide rope. Serene photo though. If you want some really wild geysirs though you should head up into the highlands.

  • Thanks all!

    The little ropes and tiny warning signs are nothing like we are used to at Yellowstone in the US. We have giant boardwalks, huge signs, industrial-strength fences, etc.

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