Akbar’s Royal Bathing Chamber

Akbar the Great was quite a guy I am sure. This was shot in his palace near Agra. Most people go to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, but in my estimation, this is a much more exotic and interesting place to explore.

Akbar's Royal Bathing Chamber

  • Quite impressive 😀

  • very beautiful and stunning picture
    GOOD LUCK to you

  • Thanks!

  • Wendy

    wow! absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a fairy tale. The attention to detail in the Royal bath chamber and then HDR photography adds something to it.

  • 1st of all, I’d like to say Thanks for such brilliantly presented photographs, and acknowledge your dedication to your “craft”.
    I was really pleased to come across this photo, as well as others on your Flickr page, and now here.
    Just as a piece of trivia, although born in Australia, my Grandfather is from India, hence I bear the name Akbar, not too unique I know, however, viewing your “Humayan” related photo, reminded me of something else, in common; Humayan apparently ‘died’ on 24 Jan 1556, and his son Akbar became emperor, 400 years to the day, I was born. I find that unique, and having now seen you wonderful images, you have encouraged my determination to visit and spend some time in this place, which I have thought of often throughout my years.
    Thank you, and all the best. Namaste, Salaam.

  • Just one word. This place was not Akbar’s. This belongs to those parts of Agra Fort that were built by ShahJahan. It is not bathing chamber either. This is the fountain in Musamman Burj, Agra Fort.

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  • Incredible and Very Impressive! Who does not dream to go there to see the beauty of this place with his own eyes?

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