A sudden interest in Bangkok!

I get weekly status reports from these various statistic plugins that are hidden all over this site. I don’t know why I have them installed or what they are supposed to tell me, other than random bits of information from which I am supposed to intuit 2.0 swarm behavior. But I do see interesting things like everyone seems to be looking at a lot of my work from Thailand. I don’t know why this is… but here are a few of my favorites from that region:

The Veins of Bangkok


Bangkok Belly Flop

  • the third one is the best of all. Very nice shot!

  • My caption would be “Diptheria, here I come…..splash” Oh my eyes! it burns!

    Kidding aside, luv the capture, color, and composition Trey. I really like the subject where it is in the frame and the monotone color in the rest of the frame. Did you brush or tone the color down in the balance of the image, or did it just tone map that way?

  • Thanks! The color was the result of a desaturated tone mapping…

  • Holly

    I just thought it was funny how in the third picture the girl about to jump is wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt.


  • Umm… this is very quite useful…

    thanks you

    Hotel at Thailand

  • Ken

    Most likely reason for the increased traffic from the Bangkok area:

    I found your site via a link as a “site with very nice photos” on a Thailand ex-pat board, maybe Thai-Visa…I forget now 🙂

    That’s your Thailand traffic 🙂

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  • I like the picture where they jump into the khlong so much. The water is very dirty, but the children not care, for them is just fun.

  • I suspect the interest is aroused by the quality of your photos, everybody likes to see a quality picture. And Thailand is also a very photogenic subject.

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