Approaching the Blue Lagoon

The area around the geothermal baths of Iceland is covered with hundreds of acres of the hardcore sinew of the planet. It’s black, pockmarked, fresh and raw earth. This is the part of the mid-atlantic rift that happens to be above ground and these spontaneous geothermal pools appear in the wild. As I approached the blue lagoon, I found this glistening powder blue pond (no color added — promise!) with the steam of other vents in the distance.

Approaching the Blue Lagoon

  • Did you take a swim Trey… looks too good to resist especially being so warm in there aswell.
    Hard to believe there was no colour manipulation but I know you wouldnt lie to us ;¬)

  • Haha yes I did go for a swim – but only in an area I knew was safe! 🙂

  • my gosh that’s gorgeous there. Out of this world color! However,it looks a bit nuclear. But still beautiful! Looks like it could cook your skin right off the bone. ” hey man, what’s that smell? Oh my god….that’s my skin peeling off!!! “

  • I remember spending an hour at in the waters of the blue lagoon, before flying home. It was so good.
    Hope you enjoyed your swim as much as i did. Your photo captures the surrounding really well and yes, the water is really that blue – in some places

  • KD

    I love the contrast between the gray and then the green and blue. I’ve seen water like that too, somewhere else. I was told it was due to minerals in the water.

  • Hey thanks all – yes the place is idyllic! 🙂

  • I love your work Terry. I have been experimenting with it for a while now, and got a start with your tutorial, keep up the inspiring work.

    ps. /wave from CCP.

  • Thanks! Hey Robert! 🙂

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  • Svavar E

    These pools are all man made and are actually run off water from geothermal power plants

  • has some more information

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