The Obsidian Walls under the Gold in Kiev

This basilica in Kiev has this wonderful black base that really lets the gold and trimmings pop and shine. There is also that little tiny chandalier there, which you may not have noticed!

The Dome in Kiev

  • McFester


    I have always loves ecclesiastical buildings… this is one of the best I’ve seen

  • Matthew Morriss

    Something I have been wondering for some time now is whether or not you have been to any middle-eastern or african countries?

    It seems to me like your photos focus on Europe, Iceland, and Eastern Asia.

    If you have been to the middle east I would love to see your pictures be they of mosques or people in deepest africa.

    Btw awesome pictures keep them up!

  • I love this! It reminds me of iconography — which is fitting seeing as how this is in Kiev. I hope to see places like this with my own eyes some day.

  • Caleb Evans

    Interesting. I never really thought about Ukraine having Byzantine style architecture. I guess it is eastern Europe and now that I think of it, it makes sense. Great shot. I really like your church pictures.

  • Michael

    Good shots! Especially since most of these churches don’t really like photographers, flash or otherwise.

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