The Entrance from which the Old Hindu priest disappeared

Deep inside one of the temples, I found this secret tiny doorway and arch, stained with a deep red dye.

The Entrance from which the Old Hindu priest disappeared

  • porter

    The iscriptions over this niche (possibly a mihrab) are Persian. This is a classic example of Delhi’s medieval Islamic architecture.

  • Jonathan

    Art, yes. Photography, no.

  • I pretty sure this was captured with a camera – making it photography…

  • Adnan

    Love the photo’s a great way to start the morning by looking at something inpsiring, beautiful.

    The inscriptions are actually Arabic – Verses from the Holy Qur’an.

  • Congratulations on your site, photos and profile.
    They are excellent.

    From Brazil to Trey!

  • Thanks all… Yes I know it is islamic, but it was filled with Hindus that day

  • this isnt persian inscription and its probably not a “temple”.

    It says the “shahada” or the declaration of faith, in Arabic, its also the main pillar in Islam, out of five pillars. It is how one becomes Muslims.

    From the looks of it, this is the “mihraab” which is where the Friday Sermon is given from and also the place where the “imam” or community leader would lead the prayers, it points in the direction of Mecca, toward the Kaaba which is the direction Muslims pray five times a day and changes depending on where they are in the world. I can go on, but wonderful picture!

  • Sorry I just read the comment, then most likely what you are visiting is a shrine for a Sufi Saint that is venerated by all three faiths- Hindu, Muslim and Sikh’s.

  • porter

    That’s the wonderful thing about India – you can’t come to hasty conclusions. You have to explore, and in the process, you discover.

  • porter

    I would add that, in the pillars surrounding the mihrab, there is Hindu temple influence. This blend is often called ‘Indo-Saracenic’.

    Similarly, the inscriptions are certainly Arabic, but there is Persian influence in the calligraphy and the tracery carving.

  • Thanks for the added info yall 🙂

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