The Best Photos of the Last Year

I am trying out this new thing called DocStoc that allows you to upload any kind of document (Office docs, etc) and then embed them into a blog posting. I went ahead and made a little PPT with 10 of my most recent favorite. Enjoy!

You can click that little play button there to cycle through the slides.

The Best Photos of the Last Year – Get more documents

  • Nice slides.

  • Hey Trey,

    Thanks for that link. I probably could have used that today on my blog! I was posting a few images for a client we just worked for. That would have been a nice way to do it. I’ll try that next time. Thanks again for the free advice! Hey everyone, buy Treys textures. The video alone is worth it.

    Thanks again fellow photog and image creator!

    Michael S.

  • great tool your found there. Love the full screen mode.
    Beautiful work!

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