The Afternoon Glowing Temple

Here we have another beautiful and exotic temple in Delhi in the height of the afternoon, shot from another nearby beautiful and exotic temple.

The Afternoon Glowing Temple

  • JW

    Yet another potentially spectacular, oversaturated photoshopped photo. I like your sense of humor and you have a good eye. Please back off a little on the saturation so your photos look less surreal and manipulated.

  • JW, eat a turd.

  • Derek

    Dude, lighten up! That’s his “thing” — oversaturated, HDR. I love it. Embrace it for what it is. If you want photorealism, there are plenty of place to see pictures like that.

  • Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!

    Never mind the “surreal over manipulated comment” they obviously haven’t been following your work for long. I love the effect it evokes as all your photos do!!

    This photo is amazing!!!

  • hehe thanks all (almost all) glad you dig it 🙂

  • McFester

    From one extreme to the other. The bright lights of New York to the peace and tranquility of the temple. Love it.

  • porter

    Nice shot. Actually, these buildings are not (Hindu) temples; I should think they are Muslim tombs, possibly from the Suri (Afghan) Dynasty (c.1400s).

    This and many other such sites in India are photographers’ dreams of symmetry and beauty.

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  • yep.. agree with porter… its the humayun’s tomb in new delhi. ^_^
    there are hardly any famous (old) temples in delhi.. all mughal tombs and stuff ^_^
    awesome pic btw o.o

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