Buddha’s Steeple (with a volcano poking through the fog)

I went back to Borobudur a second day in a row for a morning sunrise and stayed for about five hours. I would mostly sit in the shade, listen to my music, and do some reading. Of course, I’d take regular breaks as the clouds changed and the light moved around.

Inside each of those little “bell cages” is a buddha statue facing out towards the countryside.

There, in the distance, you can see the volcano poking through the fog…

Buddha's Steeple (with a volcano poking through the fog)

  • Catxtwo

    [2nd attempt]
    Love your work – as always.

    It would be cool if you’d post one of the “normal” (untouched) shots along with the HDR result.

    I do HDR myself but I never seem to obtain the deepness/richness of colors that you do.


  • Catxtwo you have a good idea, seeing the befor and after shot would be interesting.

    Trey, did you learn why the Bouddha are in the steeples?

    Great shot, makes you want to go there.

  • Great shot! I put some of your stuff on my blog. http://jonathanconnolly.com/blog

    Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks! No I am not sure why the buddhas are inside the cage-bells…

  • Brad

    The Buddhas are in the cages to represent the different stages on the path to enlightenment. The entire structure is supposed to be a journey that furthers the travelers mind into pure abstraction. At the base of the sculpture there are pictorial representations of stories, followed by the somewhat abstract Buddhas in the cages, and it all comes together at the top, where there is a giant cage without holes…so you cant see the “Buddha” inside. This is the highest form of thought in where you do not need the physical representation in order to understand the idea. That being in the most basic terms.

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  • bunker

    Yo, way to photo shop that shit and not tell.

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