Reflections of Angkor

It was a beautiful late morning in Angkor Wat in the jungles of Cambodia. I sat by the lake and drank Vietnamese coffee for 3 hours, watching the sunrise with a finger on my wired shutter release… occasionally stirring around to wipe the dew off the lens.
Reflections of Angkor

  • McFester

    Couldnt think of a nicer place to do just that, although in the UK, water usually means flies, hope it wasnt the same there.
    Fantastic photo as usual.

  • Awesome image, my g/f went there last year – we should be going sometime soon, and looking forward to the opportunity to take shots like this!


  • Cool yes you should go – great fun there.

  • A perfect capture once again sir! I applaud you!

  • See and to me it looks like sunset, you’ve given this image so much depth.

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  • I am definitely excited for the WIFYR conference. Although Ive already registered for Sara Zarrs workshop, Im encouraging my friend to sign up for your workshop, and I plan on attending one of your afternoon sessions. I cant wait!

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