I was in a remote ranch in Montana for a week last year. Almost every day we would head out to ride horses, find a distant fishing hole, or just randomly explore. Everything was great until I decided to test the bear spray into the wind.

  • You know, every day…faithfully…I check this blog Trey for your artistic vision you freely display to the world. You are a true artist in every sense of the word. You really caught me off guard with the bear spray however. I wasnt prepaired for that little hilarious tag line! I almost coughed up a full mouthfull of RedBull onto my monitor! Dude, I’m still laughing!

  • This is such a cool photo all of them are, they look like something out of a video game. Really tight. Yikes, bear spray? Ocuh!!!

  • Another awesome HDR! You are the master!

  • Thanks! haha yes I will never forget that bear spray!

  • McFester

    Having viewed your website daily for many months I took the plunge and purchased a copy of Photomatix and am now having a lotta fun with HDR Photographt. When I first saw a HDR photo it reminded me of the jigsaws I had as a child and I instantly fell in love.
    Keep up the good work…

  • Great – glad you are having a fun time for HDR! 🙂

  • Amazing – you are like a prodigy or something!

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