A Favorite from Iceland… Strokkur (and his genie brother)

Here is one of the first shots I took in Iceland. It’s of a geyser (only Icelandic word that made it into English, for some reason) called Strokkur. I think it is cool because it sounds like a sweet geyser and also like a rock band.

The second is another geyser that I think looks like a genie coming out of the bottle.

The Icy Explosion

The Geothermal Genie

  • Wow, the Genie looks like a real one !

  • I really wish to see the geysers in real life. Is it dangerous to be near one.

  • Great picture of Strokkur.
    I remember the area a bit less colorful 😉

  • Trey, your photos from Iceland are always my favorite!! I gotta get there some day…

    Cheers, and hope all is well with you…



  • Boakesey

    Superb images – from one photographer to another!
    As I’ve never been to Iceland (yet), I hope you don’t mind me using some of your images in the school where I teach.
    Best wishes.

  • Thanks! Sure – go ahead and use them

  • Toti

    A correction; there are other Icelandic words that made it into English: Berserk is one of ’em.

  • valdimar[iceland]

    well in fact there are a lot of words from Iceland used in English, for example the word ský is a cloud bot you use it as the ski and almost every word that start with sk, like skates but the words aren’t taken straight from the Icelandic but the old viking language witch is very similar to the Icelandic.

    Thanks for all the amazing photos i liked them very much. It makes Iceland look like theres always raining but their grate!

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