The Grassy Roof in the Central Icelandic Farms

While driving from one side of Iceland to the other in what was supposed to be winter, I spent a fair amount of time in the grassy inlands where some sort of heat inversion kept the ground green and fertile. I came across a few of these homes with these thick peat grassy rooftops.

The Grassy Roof in the Central Icelandic Farms

  • My God thats beautiful. Color is incredible. Looks like a great lace to trek arround!

  • I love this, it looks like a great place to stay. You always capture the light beautifully Trey, it keeps me saying I should go to Icland. Keep posting:).

  • Thanks!

  • completely gorgeous! WOW. Your images and travels amaze me!

  • Svala Jóns

    This house is actually a renowation from the old torfbæir my great grandma lived in. It is now a fully functioning guest house run by my grandfathers twinbrother and his family. I agree with every one that your pictures are simply amaizing!
    Signed, Svala Jónsdóttir

  • Interesting – thanks!

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