The Fjord at Sunset with Beaming Rays Through the Valley

The sunsets in the northern fjords of Iceland seem to last for hours. The sun does not go straight down, but it skips across the top and through the valleys of mountains as it slowly makes a sloping descent.

The Fjord Sunset

  • Hey Trey,
    First off, I want to say your pictures are just amazing and I am highly inspired by your work.

    Following your HDR tutorial, I tried to create my first HDR Here (flickr link) But When I tried to clean up the image in photoshop, I can’t seem to clear up the sky without messing up clouds. I was just wondering how do you achieve that in your pictures?


  • D-vi

    I don’t think my first comment here can consist entirely on helping you without complementing Trey on his fabulous photography. Just like sp4rckr I visit here almost on a daily basis to check out new cool pictures, you inspire me, thanx!

    As for you sp4rckr, I took your linked photo from FLickr into photoshop CS3 and I just surface blurred your entire sky (selected the sky with polygonic lasso) Filter -> BLur -> Surface blur, just play with the settings, the default settings is had really did the trick here without ruining the clouds. Hope to have helped you with that. 🙂

    Stay inspired!


  • Thanks! I left a comment on your flickr pic

  • hey! your pics are awesome!
    i wish i could be at kuala lumpur to take some pics 😛

    regards from argentina!

    PS: check at my site and see if you like my pics 🙂

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