Entering the Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Here is what greets me and several close friends many times a year upon entry into Malaysia.

Entering the Kuala Lumpur International Airport

  • I love that view! An always welcoming view to the other half of the family!

  • a malaysian

    hi there. i was wondering what you were doing in Kuala Lumpur. your pictures really kick some butt!

  • Thanks! I work with our game company there in KL – John Galt Games.

  • I want to get the name of their interior designer, seriously.

  • Aaron

    i really admire your work but sometimes the thing that i’m most in awe of is how you find so many empty places. do you use ND filters to help with this?

  • Thanks! No…. I am just patient until people get out of the way…. I don’t like tourists in my shots! A pet peeve…

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  • i really like this pic…..it’s like heaven,and it’s in my hometown kuala lumpur.actually i’m using this pic as my backgroud desktop.and i wanna show it in my blog later.would u mind if i’m using this pic as my subject of next entry.it’s not for commercial use.i’ll link it to your page.

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