The First Class Lounge at Qatar Airlines in Doha

I spent a massive amount of time in airports during my 3-day trek via Qatar on my most recent trip to Kuala Lumpur. There were snow delays in Atlanta, which made me spend a night there, and then because everything was sold out, the only way to get to KL was via Doha, which, ashamedly, I had to look up. I thought I was kind of a world traveler, but I had not heard of Doha. I admit it.

But then I flew into Doha and on approach, it looks a lot like Dubai, but not nearly as much as the ultra-posh lounge area. I was warned many times by grisly-looking security guards not to take any photos of any people in the lounge, especially if they were wearing the national uniform.

The First Class Lounge at Qatar Airlines, Doha

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