The Old Chinese Burial Chambers of Malacca

I’ve spent a nice weekend in Malacca and found some wonderful out of the way places. Most of these places are not at all obvious from the streets, but you just have to go through some doors and strange alleyways to find them.

This place is one of many throughout Malacca where the Chinese come to honor their dead and meditate. Behind this chamber are several more where tiny statuettes and tombstones are erected for passed relatives. My friend Janus took that second shot of me in front of a bunch of the tiny tombstones. I’m not sure it’s the best picture of me, but my sister and mom say I should post more of myself!

The Old Chinese Burial Chambers of Malacca

Trey at the Chinese Graves

  • Andy Chong

    it’s great to see my hometown here, and i’ve been to the temple in the pictures so many time. it’s interesting to see it in such a new light, great picture

  • The practice of Feng Shui, now internationally well known, apparently, was not to for the living, but to ensure that the dead were properly sited and honoured. There is a belief that if the dead are properly treated, then their descendants will prosper. Not the other way around. By the way, the iPod/MP3 player thing insulates you from the reality that is this world. I am surprised you vision via photography has not been impeded by constant portablised music.

  • Thanks all… I actually keep the music quite low and I listen to a lot of Asian music, Tibetan Monk chants, etc… Usually I have a playlist of music that is similar to my explorations.

  • Claudia Lim

    It is amazing that you could make Malaysia looks so beautiful! Besides using HDR (which turns out to look like paintings), do you use fisheye or just wide-angle lenses? If so, which particular lenses specifically?

  • Thanks! 🙂 This is a Sigma 10-20mm lens – I love it!

  • exciting post

  • Jason David

    Hi There,

    Excellent pictures. You make everything look stunning. The next time you drop by do send me an email and will take you out for a drink and also to some nice spots for your photoholic addiction.


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  • Ng Shiu Fern

    As a Chinese descendent, I personally would avoid taking pictures in Chinese temples (well… at least not pointing the camera directly at the deities anyways) or snap shots at the “tiny tombstones” (wiki calls them “spirit tablet”). Superstition has it that the spirits will be “trapped” in the picture (or the creepier version – follow you around). Although highly irrational and no prove to support these taboos, the myths are too strongly engraved in my mind to even attempt breaking them… even though it would be so cool to actually have *real* photographic proof on the existence of the spiritual realm.

    This might sounds old and repetitive, but you have a LOT of great pictures and I’m definitely a fan!

    *In the slow process of going through your mountain of old posts…*

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