The Explosion of Kids in Indonesia

I was absolutely deluged by kids that had never seen a white person in person before.  After the sunrise, when I was pretty much alone, a bus pulled up from a remote part of Java and tons of kinds poured out and started running all over the temple.  All of them wanted their picture taken with me, as if I was some sort of goofy Baluga that had washed up on the temple steps.  They were all very happy and fun, so I asked them to sit on the corner of Borobudur for a group shot.

The Explosion of Kids in Indonesia

  • al erickson

    i love your pictures. what is the symbol the kids are making with their hands?

  • Thanks – I think the symbol means “I love you” – at least that is the opinion on the Flickr

  • jg

    I’ve got to ask. How on earth do you get such depth in your photos. Is this HDR? If so how did you get them to stay still long enough?

  • This is a single-frame HDR – but I did not HDR the kids – I masked them in from one the RAW. I describe the technique a bit in the tutorial at

  • i like this post very very much

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