A Visit to Malacca

I may visit Malacca for one night this weekend to take a break from a busy work week in Kuala Lumpur. Melacca is an old Portuguese trading port that used to rival Singapore back when everything around here was controlled by the Dutch and British. Malacca did not win the race, but many of the old buildings and colonial style are still intact… It will be nice to head out to someplace more serene after the busy urban activity in Kuala Lumpur for the past few weeks.

Below is a photo I took last time in Malacca.

Old Chinese man walks - To carry the daily chores - His water is life

  • Hi, do you generaly ask permission to take picture of people or you use a big telephoto lense like they do in the old spy movies?
    I’m always a bit shy of taking picture of people, and I know I’m missing on a lots of great pictures.

    Very nice shot by the way!

  • Eric M

    Yeah thats a good question Charles, I have the same problem. I guess you didn’t need any textures for this shot huh? Already kinda built in.

  • My guess is he doesn’t because most of the pictures of people they are normal acting, normally when a camera is pointed at some one they become a bit self cautious

  • Thanks! Well… I ask for permission about 75% of the time… sometimes I just shoot when I know people are not paying attention. In my experience only 1-2% of people have a problem with it…

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