The Lost Hindu Temple in the Jungle Mist

I took an afternoon hike in the remote area of Java just outside the town of Jogjakarta to explore this temple. It’s called Prambanan, and it was built around 850 CE.

The rain was pouring down, which left me and Will there pretty much alone, except for a few wild deer in the area. I waited through the rain because I knew if it cleared there would be a great sunset. I had a little baggy over my camera to keep it dry until everything passed…

While waiting on the rain to stop, I walked around and did more up close exploration of the temples of Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma, which were three of the largest in the complex. All the temple blocks were on the edge of collapse, after many centuries of Indonesian earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The Lost Hindu Temple in the Jungle Mist

  • Susan

    Wowee! Super fantastic Trey! Soooo beautiful!

  • That’s the best photo of Prambana I’ve ever seen. Congrats, as usual.

  • MY jaw just hit the floor, and im having trouble getting it back up. Simply GORGEOUS.

  • Thanks! Appreciate it! 🙂

  • Dhruva

    amazing shot!!! is this a HDR?

  • Nicole

    Love Love Love Loveee it!! Kudos to you..

  • Thanks all – glad you like it

  • another awesome shot. your life is cool 🙂

  • Feels like waking up..

    Deep Bows 🙂

  • Sapphire

    Beautiful Temple… mysterious ; inspiring.
    Great photo.

  • hash3g

    awesome! so old and so strong, i am under impression!

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