The Girl in Qatar

I was not in Qatar for long…  but I was there long enough to see a few interesting things.  This is Ameena, who was more than happy to show me all the little details in her tattoos.

The Girl in Qatar

  • Gorgeous shot! Are those the henna tatoos they get before being married, or actual needle tatoos?

  • Susan

    She’s beautiful Trey – gorgeous eyes…..and those tatoos!

  • Daniel, those are not permanent. It is called “mehndi“, which is usually done for special occasions like Weddings and Eid.

  • You don’t know me

    What a great name…

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  • They are the henna tattoos girls wear before getting married – not permanent.

  • beautiful capture. and love the way you have treated the image. Lifts it a few notches.

  • Well, As seen on this post the girl seem to be quite really pretty. Most Midle East Women love to paint on hands with Hana ( Am I spell correctly?)

  • nice picture really 🙂

  • ameena

    Dear, Trey & Every one
    thank you all for your lovely words, And im so greatfull for the photographer trey who took this nice pictures for me . i was on my way to my honey moon in the Airport, im so happy that you all like it, this is one of our Tradition that when we get married , we have to put this . it call “hena” .
    im from kingdom of bahrain .
    thanks agine

  • Actually its not specifically worn for a bride getting married. henna is done on all sorts of occasions. For example during Ramadan toward the end women wear henna, or it could be a close relatives wedding, women wear henna, or it could be for graduation women…you get the picture. Its not solely regulated to women getting married, though, brides get the more intricate and often more body covering henna, but it changes with culture and religion.

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  • No one

    there’re more pretty girls around

  • Dodi Riadi

    Such a nice picture, and beautiful women…..

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  • sarjerao

    nice girl.

  • ravoof

    masha allah


    this henna applied is very beautiful…i liked it a lot….

  • i am cool man

  • everyone , the Thing in the Hand girl we call “hena” .
    just to know

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  • Anu menon

    Love the design. This is arabi style the Indian style covers more space n takes more time

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  • Marsa

    This is absolutely stunning. I hadn’t seen this one, until you posted your comment about it today (in your 8/11 community thanks note). I’m so glad I came to see it.. it’s beautiful. Thank you for all your lovely pictures! And thanks to your mom for raising such a nice person!

  • rapheal

    i want a beautiful girl,very nice one

  • This is not a tattoos. This is we call it Henna. It is special kind of plant that is converted to powder by special techniques (I don’t know what they are) after that Henna combined with water to give us something like a brown clay that is either used by artist to draw on the girl’s hand or by using posters.

  • I wann be part of this website.

  • Wish you a happy married life Ameena, Thank you for allowing this great photographer to take your picture.


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