I’m on the way to Doha, Qatar

…and I am not sure why… I’ve been trying to get to Kuala Lumpur via a myriad of planes and delays and hotels. My bag is in Minneapolis by some demigod-level event, and my travel agency decided that the best way for me to get to Malaysia was in fact not to fly towards Asia, but to skirt Yemen in a midnight run on Qatar Airlines. I checked on Flickr to see if I had any friends in Qatar. I do not… out of 29,000 contacts, not a single on from Qatar, but it does sound like an interesting place. I’m only there 4 hours to change planes, but that might be enough time to have a quick Arab adventure with my camera… we’ll see!

The photo below is the closest thing I have in my Doha relevancy network.  I’m trying to convince my mom it is safe to go out and take pictures in Qatar, and I promised not to wear my “Bush Rocks Your World” t-shirt.

This is Secret

  • mk

    Have I missed my chance to snag your bag from the MSP airport and hold it hostage in exchange for texturey goodness?

  • Ben

    Doha is totally safe, I grew up there and still miss it loads. It’s really ultra relaxed and not ‘extreme’ or that ‘conservative’ for a muslim country. You may have small issues taking pictures of Arabic women but other than that it is worth a visit with your camera! Next time you stop off there I thikn you can get a one day short visit visa to leave the airport with and go exploring.

  • Allan Brown

    You missed a wonderful opportunity to capture a mysterious side of woman, and just how much feminity can be expressed behind a veil and abaya. This culture is really amazing, I wish them all the luck. A Texan in Doha.

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