The Old Sikh with Suspenders

There was simply too much to shoot in the dusty streets of Mumbai! I only spent about an hour on the streets between meetings, but I found a lot of interesting things…

The Old Sikh with Suspenders

  • waywardone

    Are you sure those are suspenders? Sikhs typically wear daggers on belts similar to the one pictured. Something like this.

  • Hi S I C,
    I have to agree with you. I always have my point and shoot camera ready when I go to Mumbai on work. I usually fly back the same day and I make the most of the window of opportunity the taxi ride from the airport to my meetings allow.The city is packed with life and each moment outside the taxi window and even inside the taxi is a potential winning frame.
    Here are a few pics from Mumbai on my Eye For India Blog

  • Hehe thanks… It MIGHT be a dagger… I did not see one though.

  • H S Bawa

    Dear All
    The Sikh Gentleman in the picture is not weaing suspenders. The black strip/belt in the picture is worn by baptised sikhs to carry the small ‘Kirpan’ which is one of the five Ks the baptised sikhs are required to wear. The belt/strip is never made of leather or such stuff. It is always made of cloth. I think that clears the air of confusion.

    H S Bawa
    Jalandhar, Punjab, INDIA.

  • Thanks! That does clear it up 🙂 I thought maybe he was just a big fan of Larry King.

  • wonderful photo

  • this is the orignal sikh solders poto who fight agan crime (SIKH S ARE ALL THE TIME FIGHT AGANE CRIME)

  • i dont get why you add textures to a majority of your shots during post processing
    the angle is pretty good though

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