The Giraffe on the Savannah

Our giant reticulated friend, unable to articulate, was forced to gesticulate in the most ridiculous manner.

A Giraffe on the Savannah

  • Katie

    I’ve just stumbled upon your site (I googled “Iceland Winter”) and am in love with your photos (I’ve changed my desktop six or seven times already because I can’t settle on one photo). Ironically, I am living in Orlando and work for Walt Disney World and was feeling homesick for winter (I’m from Maine). How funny is it that you’re in Disney at the moment (or maybe you’ve gone home by now?).

  • Haha cool! Well you are in a great place for photography at Disney! 🙂

  • kathy

    I really like all the photos, they are amazing. I really like this photo. make you feel free, yet so peaceful. The photo of nightview of Shanghai, we should have more lights though? oh, I am from there…

  • wonderful photo

  • Dianne

    I really have to say that you are the most amazing photographer I have ever seen.

    When are you coming to Australia?????

    We have such a beautiful country that you would capture amazingly.

    Big hugs to you, as I would love to be able to do what you do.


  • Thanks! I’d love to come to Australia! 🙂

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