New Tutorial – 100 Textures for you from all around the world…

Hey everyone… after many days of FastSpring guys setting up servers, bandwidth, etc, we can now release the tutorial. It’s got 100 textures and a full hour+ video tutorial that weighs in over 1 gigabyte of one-of-a-kind material.

To find out more, visit the textures tutorial!

Here are a few testimonials:

Jeff Clow: “This collection of textures is truly world class – and by that I mean not simply how brilliant they are, but the fact that they’ve been compiled from fascinating places around the world. The unique textures work superbly well as backgrounds and overlays, and I highly recommend them to any photographer who wants to improve and enhance their images. This texture package is ‘must have’ tool for any serious photographer.”

Scott Dungan: ” What a resource! Stuck in Customs World of Textures has provided me with textures that are difficult or impossible to produce in Photoshop. These textures allow me to produce images with the hand coated look of early photographic processes. Thank you for your World of Textures Stuck in Customs.”

Scotty Graham: “I just downloaded the premium package, and am very impressed with both the quality of the textures and the video tutorial. Trey’s video tutorial is worthwhile to the professional as well as the Photoshop beginner. As a professional photographer, I enjoyed watching Trey’s workflow and creative process unfold right before my eyes….(would be nice to see the same kind of thing with his HDR images). His textures are bar-none some of the best I have seen and/or used. They rival anything else you may see for sale on line, and for 100 textures, his price is very fair. If you are looking to move your photography style up one notch, don’t hesitate to purchase this package….you will not regret it.”

Thelonius Gonzo: “Just viewed the tutorial. I know dollars are worth something (less and less everyday) but honestly, if you are interested at all in texture effects, and like me, are not already a Photoshop expert, then this tutorial is well worth the asking price. I swear I may need a few weeks to really ingest all of it. The only downside of this is that I feel like I’m cheating.”

A World of Textures - Exotic Fine Art Textures and Video Tutorial

Stuck Textures - A selection

And here are just a few of the textures that are included in the packages:

Mumbai, India – the peeling and rotting wall near where the kids played

Mumbai, India - the peeling and rotting wall near where the kids played.tif

Leipzig, Germany – the stains of the building that is not mentioned in polite conversation

Leipzig, Germany - the stains of the building that is not mentioned in polite conversation.tif

Yellowstone, Montana – the sulfur in the evening

Yellowstone, Montana - the sulfur in the evening.tif

Bangkok, Thailand – the mossy edge of the building that smells like fish and children splashed in puddles

Bangkok, Thailand - the mossy edge of the building that smells like fish and children splashed in puddles.tif

  • Trey,

    I have my own textures, but would love to have your video tutorial…can I purchase the video tutorial only?


  • We were planning on putting together some a la carte options like that one for just the tutorial next weekend.

    Also, I have been getting requests from people that just want to upgrade from the basic package to the premium package. We’ll put together another a ala carte option for the 60 extra textures only.

  • Eric

    Yeah dido on Scotty Graham’s comment, I would like to do this with my own textures. Yours look amazing but as a broke college student, I don’t have the money to spend on your collection 🙁

  • No prob… The basic package is only $199 for a short time with that coupon code…. Wanted to make the entry level on affordable and include a bunch of unique textures… It will be de-bundled in the future.

  • These textures are even better than I had expected! I can’t wait to get my hands on this tutorial Trey!

  • wow these are great – a friend just emailed me and said he got it – now i have to decide which one to get or if i should ask my wife first !! maybe i will just get one then ask her later, keeping my fingers crossed that she won’t get mad !!

  • Thanks… Yes Christopher = glad you like them… sorry I missed your class last week in Austin – sounds like it went well.

  • damn, ill wait a month or 2 until i can stack up enough to buy one

    Looks good though!

  • As a poor college student I am going to have to wait till august at the least to purchase these 🙁 but I will get them someday soon mark my words!

  • Thanks, Trey, for the info….I really look forward to seeing your tutorial. Even though I have my own textures, your short time offer of $199 for 40 textures (plus the tutorial) is very tempting. I may just plunge-in anyway….can’t have too many textures.



  • Marie

    just got your CD…. am only into it 15 minutes but had to stop it and tell you the background music is VERY distracting

  • Thanks for the update – I will edit that out in future versions… I’ve had over 100 downloads so far and I have not heard this yet – I will keep my ears perked!

  • J. Alvarez

    Just received my order in the mail. After 3 hours of installing and uninstalling Quick Time to view the tutorial I had to give up. I continue to get a message that your tutorial “Is not a file that Quick Time understands” What do you recommend as a solution?

  • Lloyd

    Hi Trey,
    I am interesting in making a purchase of you Textures video+, but have PSE 10 only. Will that work, or do I need Photoshop? If so which product do you recommend…it is very pricey.

  • Luke Lakatosh

    Hi Lloyd,

    I answered your question on the texture tutorial page. Email me at [email protected] if you need more help.

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