Disney Studios at Sunset

I’m here with the family in Disneyworld for a few days. I hear a lot of, “Dad comon we gotta get a FastPass,” and “Dad comon didn’t you take pictures last year?” But the clouds are different. THE CLOUDS ARE DIFFERENT! 🙂

Disney Studios at Sunset

  • please tell me you’re not carrying your tripod around disney world. 🙂

  • John Cox

    I think we need a photo of your tripod! What do you use?

    I was looking a bit geeky with my mono pod the other weekend at a motor show, but that was only because I was setting the timer on the camera and holding the camera up above everyone to take shots over their heads and getting some nice angles on the cars.

  • Eric M

    Ha my fiancee makes similar comments to me when I take pictures in the same location!

  • Thanks!

    And yes, of course I have my tripod at Disney. Going to Disney without your tripod is like going without your kids. You can still have fun, but there is less to lean on in the bathroom.

  • What I want to know is, do you include your tripod in family photos and does it get gifts at Christmas? 😉

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