Inside the Pyramids…

Here is another one from the upcoming textures tutorial.

I am actually in Disneyworld this week. I finished the tutorial late last night after everyone was asleep… uploading the huge video files now… very slow uplink connections from the resort here! It should be up… hmmm… dunno… next few days? No one knows…

Inside the Pyramids

  • Sweet im excited to see your new tutorial and to put it to work!

  • i feel like a child, but NO FAIR! disneyworld is MY favorite place on earth. and i don’t care if that’s already a common phrase…

    point being…have a ton of fun. that place rocks!

    i’m sooo enjoying your images!

  • Looks great! I’m looking forward to the tutorial.

  • who is she ??? she keeps comming up in many of your picture. She’s very beautiful and so are your picutres. Speaking of the pyramids, i’ll be there next week. I hope to bring back one or two descent picture.

  • haha thanks…. her name is Jessica – a friend in Austin.

  • Holly B

    Totally love Disney, Hope you get some really good pictures, the weather looks kinda of crappy though. Stay dry and watch out for those afternoon thunderstorms, they can be kinda of brutal. Can wait for more pics.

  • Thanks! Yes I am getting a few good pics! No time to process though…

  • wonderful pic.. thsank you very much
    as i see you’re really wonderful photographer
    so good luck and best wishes to you 🙂

  • wow

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