HDRemembering the Alamo, with textures at dusk

I had a meeting in San Antonio where I walked from the Hilton to the AT&T building. On the way back, it was getting dark, so I spent about an hour at the Alamo and the clouds were perfect. Lucky!

This is part of a new tutorial that I planned on putting up this weekend, but I did not have any extra time this week at night to work on it! It’s coming soon though.. just need ONE hour to record the video. Is that too much to ask the Gods of Time?

HDRemembering the Alamo - Textured at Dusk

  • Nice to see a new HDR
    Great idea on mixing your HDR with you new style

    like always
    Great Shot!

  • Susan

    Beautiful Trey!

  • Best shot of the alamo I have scene! Great work, I’m still looking forward to the tutorial!

  • MelodyA.

    I live in San Antonio and just can’t get over how incredible you made the Alamo look.

  • Beautiful shot. Love the sky against the rocks of the building. Very nice.

  • What a stunning shot. Beautiful!

  • I just visited the Alamo for the first time in December. I didn’t have my camera, bummer. This is just spectacular. Wow.

  • Thanks!

  • Don MacKay

    I seek permission to use the image, Remembering the Alamo, in an educational Reference Book (Coins of Mexico). The designated market for the book is parents and grandparents–as a gift idea for their children and grandchildren–to educate them regarding Mexico history and to create a greater bond between them. What is the process? Thanks, Don….

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