Jessa is hanging out and drinking a select Brazilian hot chocolate in Drogo’s in downtown Austin.

This is part of a new textures tutorial I have going up perhaps Friday night or Saturday morning.


  • The soft tones are great. Maybe there is something wrong with the size attributes of this picture? The edges all look very ragged.

  • YES! I had the edges off in the HTML – it is fixed now

  • I just think this photo is stunning….I love the painterly quality of it. I can’t wait to read your tutorial. I use a lot of textures myself, and just love the unique qualities they impart to a photograph. I am also very curious as to what your setting were when you initially took this shot. Was it with artificial light of some sort, or is that filtered window light? i’m really trying hard to improve my understanding of light and working with it.

  • Thanks! Glad you like it… Tutorial is a little bit delayed.. I thought I would have a few spare hours, but I have not!

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