Dawn is Lost

Shot deep underground at an undisclosed location. Ben Linus is not far away.

This is part of a new textures tutorial I have going up later this week! I’ll be posting a lot of new texture shots this week… don’t worry, I still have plenty from my classic style as well, but it’s all evolving, don’t ya know?

Dawn is Lost

  • Great shot!
    By the way, what plug in do you use to post pictures on your wordpress blog?


  • tyskkvinna

    I must confess if this is the new direction you are heading, I LOVE IT. I’ve always been a fan of your work, but I much prefer this.

  • Thanks!

    I don’t know the plugin… let me see here… it is… Flickr Photo Gallery 0.89

  • Great thanks a bunch!

  • Anand


    I am trying to watch your flickr account through apple tv and it can’t find you. Apparently, you have to do this:

    “Found the answer. I needed to make my profile visible to Flickr search.”

    Can you please make your profile visible to flickr search?

    I have been eagerly waiting to see your flickr acc on my HD TV and it is a bummer I can’t see it now 🙁

  • I checked my account prefs, and I have everything able to be searched. You should have no prob – so that is confusing.


    above is my flickr ID – maybe you have a typo?

  • Anand


    Sorry, figured it.

    If I tried ‘stuckincustoms’ it didn’t work, ‘Stuck in Customs’ [without quotes] worked.

    So it is not your screenname, but your name in your site, your flickr acc says Stuck in Customs’ photos, but the ‘ doesn’t work.

    Whatever, it is AWESOME to see your photos in big screen TV. I have been waiting for this since Jobso talked about it. Now to check out all your galleries again 😀

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