The Cup Cake Airstream of Austin

This is on South Congress just across from the trendy area where everyone likes to sit outside and wait for Sunday Brunch for an hour.

The Cup Cake Airstream of Austin

  • Some people have Porche, or some import tuner on their list; this goes straight to the top of my list


  • Shady Grove?!

  • kevin

    I just had a cupcake from there yesterday. The double-double is the best. Great photo, btw.

  • the red velvet looked pretty good, but conventional queue wisdom had it that the vanilla dream was the best

  • Haha yes- popular place I see!

  • Eric M

    Ha I see your reflection, it looks like someone is standing next to you.

  • Tiffany

    I love your pictures! The ones in Austin are great! I used to work on Congress and used to drive by that place everyday. I always wondered what it was. You captured beautifully. Looks nostalgic. There is a mini-bus in North Austin with a Statue of Liberty on top riding a motorcycle. I think that would be awesome in your photos. I think it’s at Freebirds on IH 35 between Parmer and Howard Lanes.

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