An Art Gallery at the Office

This is our office in downtown Austin. It’s a converted loft that is all open and communal. We all sit together, share ideas, make stupid jokes, and crank out a lot of work.

That’s my desk right there… a little messy and a little organized, just like any curious brain, right?

I took this to go along with an interview that is coming up soon on Blu Domain for my new portfolio at I’ll post a link to the interview when it is up!

Also, I get a lot of questions about that picture of the roots growing over the tomb in Cambodia, so I posted it below as well.

A Gallery at Work

Swallowing the Ruins

  • Dave

    Sporting the Conico-brand plastic foot locker beneath the desk, are we?

  • Bo

    I did sign up for the webwars beta thingy, still waiting. I think the idea is new and it seems like there could be alot of possibilities in such a game.

    Im looking forward to get small “websites” to finally beat the bigger ones 🙂

  • Susan

    Cool offices Trey!

  • Trey the interview went up on their blog yesterday 🙂

  • Lol my desk has a “hackintosh” on x2 17″ CRTs and a macbook
    Your desk is the next step up

  • Haha… Dave – that footlocker bag is actually full of lights. I use it to put my legs up on about 6 PM when I am needing to stretch out!

    Bo – you will have fun… that is just what the testers are doing now.

    Corey -thanks for the link – I will post it on the morrow.

    Alf – I have a big CRT at home… I hate carrying that thing around… I feel like I have carried it around to way too many LAN parties!

  • When my head swells and its hard to get through the door i have found another site that i can go to bring it back down to size. I have a lot to learn. thanks for the inspiration!

  • FJC

    Where did you have these images printed and framed?

  • I had it done here in Austin at New Era – they do great work.

  • AA

    Very humane workplace…What do you listen to by the way?

  • great post

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