New Full Screen and Full Sensory Overload Portfolio online

I recently launched a new portfolio that is full of vim at It is now a full screen and loaded with new music… I have a friend in Iceland (who should email me) that really likes the remix of that Bush song that is in the intro. I hope you like the new site and have a good time surfing around. Below are a few of my favorite images that have slipped their way into the new galleries.

The first is from Cambodia. The second is from Rome (you probably knew that). The third is from Vancouver. And the last is the opera house in Kiev… no artificial colors added… Boy Scout promise!

The Secret Passageway to the Treasure

Aurorus Reflectus Colosseo

The Rainy Season of Vancouver

A Snowy Night at the Kiev Opera House

  • susan

    These are just beautiful – nice to see them again!

  • charles

    Hi! I browsed your site, especialy the porfolio section. You have really really great pictures there. Really nice work!

  • Liz

    The full screen and overload is amazing and just adds to the pleasure of dropping in every day. Wow! Thanks.

  • I just saw your interview on Blu – I was so stoked because since the moment I saw your pics on Flickr I’ve been totally inspired by you and your work (and someday… maybe my HDR work will be a smidge near yours!).

    Love seeing these again, the website makes then definately shine!!!

  • Patrick

    The portfolio is looking great!

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