The Bridge of Death

The bridge where they moved the excommunicated to execution…

I was there towards the late afternoon and there was an eerie red light in the sky over the blackened bridge.

The Bridge of Death

  • Wow the clouds and reflections add so much to the picture

  • Thanks! I’m working on a new tutorial…

  • What us this technique called ?

  • *is not us 😉

  • It’s a unique technique – I have a new tutorial coming up… stay tuned!

  • not quite it´s the bridge used by the king to get from the castle to the church

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  • Andrea

    Great picture, but no one has ever crossed it towards execution, it’s simply the bridge between the royal castle and the cathedral next to it. Given their wigs in past times no king would ever like to get wet.
    Interesting views of my hometown…

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  • Bryan

    At first glance it looks a bit like it’s on fire! Excellent photo.

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