The Gates of Saint Peter

This was shot in Dresden, Germany. Again, I was not supposed to be anywhere close to this area with a camera, but I gave serious nods to the right people and before they could get their bearing, I got enough shots to show everyone how awesome this place is!

The Gates of Saint Peter

  • Awesome picture. Though I guess that it looks even better like this than in real-life. Because of the dreamy quality …

  • bart

    I love this shot!

  • AA

    It has ended up so unrealistic you would think it was rendered in 3d.

    Especially around the steps and the little marble fence the texture of the objects is…impossible.

  • jk

    Did you manage to get a tripod in there?

  • db

    Probably HDR from a single RAW image split into shots with different exposures.

  • Hey thanks all… I snuck the tripod inside my black-Matrix-like-overcoat.

    It’s too hard to do hand-helds in a church – even with a low aperture, you still need to hold that camera steady for a few seconds! 🙂

  • trey, i enjoyed your google talk today, i can’t keep up with you anymore…but…I LOVE THIS PICTURE…i just wanted to write that here, finally, been meaning to for a long time, xoxo to all your friends, we love you #144,000 muah btw i love this too Orange Light in Queenstown

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