The Abaondoned Church on the Icelandic Tundra

I arrived just as night was falling and I was trying to find my way to a remote hotel in the countryside. I stayed at the church for a while, taking pictures of the structure and the graveyard. There was an evening mist bordering on snow falling. It was all a surreal and calming experience.

The Abaondoned Church on the Icelandic Tundra

  • Wow! You take great photographs! What type of camera are you using? Did you use a special lens to get the effect? Let me say it again, WOW!

  • Amazed as always. Your pics are the best. One question – what does your travelgear look like? Any nifty bags?

  • I love Iceland. I have to get back there at one point!

  • Thanks!

    I use a D2x with more info in the tutorial at:

    As for travel, I only carry one carry-on suitcase and a backpack… honest!

  • Unbelievable. I thought you might carry more bags, tons of gear etc.
    Keep on going! I enjoy your pics so much and keep showing others.
    Hug the kids!

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