The Largest Gate in the World

This is the larger than life Buland Darwaza in Fatehpur Sikri, in the far north of India.  I spent a long time around here, looking at all of Akbar’s Mughal architecture from every angle.  I pictured many a fantastic battle being fought for control of the palace and inner cloister.

It’s the highest gateway in the world and you can easily see the detail of the red sandstone and the inlayed white marble, which still has remarkable architecture, even though it has been there for over 400 years.  A very close look uncovers verses from the Koran, winding their way up and around the towers.

The Largest Gate in the World

  • Nice goat.

  • lunar

    Fatehpur Sikri …
    Nice pic.

  • chris

    how do you make an HDR image like this with multiple bracketed images without blurring the people or goat?

  • Thanks all – for that answer, have you seen my tutorial here on the site? It is recently updated…

  • Wendy

    Beautiful! your photos really clean up india. I have been to india and I love it. I am not putting it down.

  • This gate was filmed in The Fall (by Tarsem Singh), correct?

    If you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend it. It’s a beautiful movie.

    Great shots!

  • Yes – I have seen that movie and I really like it!

  • sriniketh sarma


  • sriniketh sarma

    hiiiiiiii i like this gate very much…….i want to go there so please anyone carry me to there………..thanks

  • gfsdhyfs

  • trew

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