Runner up in the Performancing Blog Awards!

Stuck In Customs received the Runner-Up award in the Performancing Blog Awards, so I thank everyone for your votes! I lost to something called “I Can Has Cheezburger“, which appears to be a jarring assault on the senses, while simultaneously appealing to the sense of humor when cats harangue themselves into unusual situations. It appears to what those in the business like to call a “niche” site. Everyone likes seeing pictures of cats in strange predicaments, so I suppose that is kind of hard to compete with…

Since I try to put a picture with every post, I thought I would put up my favorite lighthouse picture. If you look closely, you can see a cat at the top that is thinking, “DAT KENYAN CAT NIP WAS BAD IDEAS.”

The Lighthouse

  • As chance would have it, I found your wonderful site when somebody tried to get me to vote for the silly ‘kitteh’ nonsense.

    The cats may have won the day, but you gained another reader.

  • Susan

    Congratulations Trey!

  • Confession: As much as I love your photos and site, I am an I Can Haz Cheezburger addict. It plays on my chumby morning, noon and night. Still, runner-up is nothing to sneeze at, given the number of photoblogs out there, so congratulations to you!

  • Esh

    I love this one don’t know simplicity just clicks with me

  • Jerry V

    You have to be kiding,that site is plain old stupid. It doesn’t help that I am alergic to the things:). Your blog is way more interesting Trey, keep on shooting, just forget about the cats though!

  • Davíd

    That lolcat site makes me want to die and throw up at the same time, people these days…

  • haha

  • That site has inspired more tears of laughter this year than any other – but its so apples and oranges that you guys were in the same category.

    If you’re ever up at the HEB on Parmer, the photo lab girls have those cat photos all over the photo area – my favorite is the Trogdor one.

    Congratulations on the runner up!

  • Well.. it’s tough to beat out anything with grammar a five year old can appreciate.

  • Haha that is true… this site must be too sophisticated, what with words like sophisticated and all.

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