Offerings at the Mosque

This mosque was not easy to get a shot in… and they even made me wear a little hat… but I am happy with the results, although everyone inside wondered what a WASPy-lookin guy was doing with a camera!

Offerings at the Mosque

  • Esh

    Very nice beautiful

  • What it is it with religions and funny little hats and other such crap?

  • Good thing you left with your camera AND your noggin

  • Asim Zeeshan

    Very nic shot but its a shrine, not a mosque.


  • Very nice shot but its a shrine, not a mosque.


  • tia

    some people wear hat or to cover some part of their bodies is to representing them self to god! is the way they show respect to GOD.

  • Nas

    It’s a shrine not a mosque….

  • nargis

    it would be good if u had mentioned name of this place and some story related:-?

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